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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Whether you are trying to quickly answer “What happened?”, “Why did it happen?”, or “Will it happen again?”, our approach starts and ends with understanding critical factors impacting your business. To effectively provide business insight using business intelligence and analytics tools, we focus on your organization's key questions, review your technology strategy, assess and re-engineer key processes if needed, and finally establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards / Reports to ensure sustainable achievement. This simple formula has enabled our clients to make dramatic improvements in short duration of time. 

ERP Consulting Services

Are you frustrated with the limitations of your legacy ERP system?  Are you looking for ways to get more out of it?  Our specialty is building customized "bridge solutions" to enable ERP systems to work with other enterprise data systems.  We have experience with many systems, including PLEX, infor, and SAP. In other words, we can work with whatever ERP you have to develop what you need.

Or, maybe you are considering implementing a new ERP…but, are unsure which system is right for you?  We can help you select the right ERP system and integrate it into your business.  From start to finish, we help you build reality-based business cases for investment based on your needs and goals.  If you are interested in current ERP investment benchmarks to consider in your resource planning, see more details here.

Custom Application Development

We have over 15 years experience developing custom applications for enterprise clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses. No matter what technology you use today, we can custom-build an application to interface with any system or data to do just about anything. Aligned to our approach, we start by understanding the underlying business problems impacting your business and then design a technology solution to enable you to achieve your objectives. This approach coupled with our vast experience has enabled us to build expandable applications that yield significant results. 

Business Intelligence
Custom Application
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